The PRO Advantage

Create stunning outputs for prospects for higher volume activity

As an AnnuityCheck™ Pro user, you can leverage our powerful annuity software on the web and through our mobile app to provide real answers to prospects regarding their retirement 24/7. Each time someone requests an income solution, our platform makes the calculations and sends the results to the prospect. You get notified each time a cold prospect become a warm, qualified lead.

We know there are a lot of marketing options available, so we strive to make our tools stand out and be the BEST!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calculations does the average case require?

We find the average case takes 5-10 calculations and downloads to get a case fully presentation ready. That equates to roughly $3 to $6 of usage per case. Not only is the cost low, but the process saves hours of calculation time and dramatically improves accuracy.

Can IMO's participate in AnnuityCheck for their Agents?

Yes, IMO’s can contact to learn about the robust tracking tools and custom branding available for IMO’s/FMO’s/BGA’s.

Will I need any other tools or software to use AnnuityCheck?

AnnuityCheck provides everything you need to run calculations and illustrations for various strategies. If you want advanced integrations for Salesforce, Redtail, mailchimp etc., those softwares would be required to connect with.

Why Download the Mobile App?

The mobile app has the ability to run calculations offline. You can show your clients how they did on their investments wherever you happen to be.